5 Tips On Setting Up Trail Cameras For Bears

Trail cameras are everywhere these days no matter what you hunt trail cameras give you the irreplaceable intel to set you up for a successful hunt. Depending on your target species there are certain settings that work best and when it comes to bears it’s no different. After years of setting up bear bait sites […]

The Biggest Mistake Bear Hunters Make

We see it year after year. Hunters buy their one bottle of scent at the start of the season and end up returning with a tag sandwich. Scent lures are crucial when placing a new bait site. However, the biggest mistake we see bear hunters make is not using scent lures all season long.  You […]

How to Set up a Bait Site For Black Bears

How you set up your bait site is key in order for you to successfully harvest a black bear. Here’s our top 5 tips on setting up your bear bait site for success.

Luring Bears to Your Bear Bait Site

Wisconsin’s 2020 black bear season is now right around the corner and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get down to business. Mating season is winding down making it the perfect time to get some bear scent lures blowing in the wind and bear bait in the ground letting the bears know you got […]