Frequently Asked Questions
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Does bear bait have to be refrigerated?

-No, a majority of our bait lasts a LONG time no matter how it’s stored but it’s best if you can store the bait in a cool dry location.

Do I need to buy bait now or can I buy it in August?

-We suggest if you see something you want to buy it right away because there’s no guarantee it will be in stock come August. We are constantly getting new products in as other items run out and can never guarantee we will have that product in stock again.

I see your bear bait contains chocolate?

-We do not put large amount of chocolate in our baits and not every bait contains chocolate, if you are in a chocolate free state be sure to ask BEFORE purchasing if the bait you’ve selected contains chocolate. We suggest you avoid large blocks of chocolate due to it being toxic to bears, also please check your local and state regulations for restrictions BEFORE purchasing bait.

How much bait do I need?

-This depends on when you start baiting, how much you bait each time, how often you bait, how many sites you’re baiting and how many bear are coming in. Typically most people go through 4-5 barrels, including dry bait and sweet toppings, per season but again it depends on the variables listed above. Feel free to ask one of our experienced associates when purchasing your bait as to what they would recommend for your circumstances.

What do I put my bait in?

-We recommend using one of our stumps that we sell at most locations. This will keep your bait high and dry in wet weather.

Can I get an inventory list?

-Yes, all of our current inventory lists are posted on our website for each location, products vary per location. We try to keep them as updated as possible but remember quantities of items can change fast as baiting season picks up.
Here are our current Bait Lists: Appleton Bait List | Phelps Bait List | Ishpeming Bait List.

What payments do you accept?

-We accept cash, check and credit card at all locations.

Is there sales tax?

-Yes there’s sales tax, according to the IRS rules and regulations we must apply a sales tax but barrel deposits are excluded from the sales tax.

Is there a barrel deposit?

-Yes, $15 on all metal and plastic barrels, barrel deposits are not subject to sales tax as stated above.
See our store policies page for information about barrell returns.

Do you ship Totes, Barrels, or Bags?

A minimum order of 1,500 pounds is required for shipping bulk items.
This includes Dry Bait and Sweet Toppings in Totes, Barrels, Bags, Boxes, etc.

What are your hours?

-Our hours vary upon location. Please see the store hours page for all store hours.
Appleton Store Hours | Phelps Store Hours | Ishpeming Store Hours.

What if I can’t be there at your open times?

-Feel free to call us at (920) 419-1238 to schedule an appointment for you to pick up bait at any of our locations.

What are your locations?

Bob’s Appleton, WI Store:
3000 Apostolic Drive
Appleton, WI 54913
(3/4 mile off US HWY 41 at HWY N Exit Little Chute by Cherry Lands Best)

Bob’s Phelps, WI Store:
4069 Volkman Rd
Phelps, WI 54554

Bob’s Ishpeming, MI Store:
Approximately 6 miles west of Ishpeming right on Hwy 41.
Select items just for Michigan bear hunters.

Thank you for purchasing your bait with us!