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Deer Plot Apple Trees

Apple Tree Root Stock Bunches
We Have Three Varieties This Year
Initial Apple
Initial Apple is a medium-sized, early-season, mid September apple that tends to drop from the tree over a two week period which keeps wildlife coming back each day.
Honeycrisp Apple
Honeycrisp is a mid-season apple that tends to drop for an extended period of time getting you into the month of October. Honeycrisp is great for fresh eating.
Liberty Apple
Liberty is a great late-season, mid October apple that tends to drop from the tree over a period of time and coincides with Whitetail rut activity. Liberty apple trees are very productive each and every year.

Bob’s Bear Bait LLC is offering apple trees which are good for food plots and fresh eating. Trees are typically five (5) to six (6) feet in length, and 1/2 inch or more in diameter and measure 24 inches off the crown. These are not whip or seedlings. Expect trees to start bearing fruit in three (3) to five (5) years.

Order Now for Pickup in Late April / Early May

The cost for a set of three (3) trees is $99.00, including tax.
You will receive one (1) tree of each variety to help cross pollination.
Trees must be 100% prepaid at the time of ordering.

Call (920) 419-1238 to place your order.

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What Our Customers Say

Great service and great prices on all bait.
Eric R
I want to send out a big shout out to Bob's Bear Bait. Called him and we talked a little bit about what people use and what he would recommend. He was very helpful and also opened up early so we could get our bait. I would recommend him. One of the best people I have talked to in the bear bait business. Thanks again! Can't wait to start running the baits.
Chris H
We couldn't be happier with Bob's Bear Bait. For the last two years the products from Bob's keep bears on the barrels. Last year we watched multiple bears come in before taking our select bear. This year, the day after we set the barrel with Bob's Bear Mix we had multiple bears on the barrel. Bob's Bear Mix is our go to bait and has never let us down! We hunt out of Arkansas and couldn't be happier with the results when using Bob's Bear Bait. Everyone is super nice and helpful on the phone. Shipments are on time and accurate. Bob's Bear bait is our go-to source for baiting bears. Thanks for the great products Bob!
Joel P
This is my husband's first year bear hunting and Bob's Bear Bait was recommended to him. They were very friendly and had a huge variety! We brought the kids and they made them feel extra special, answered all of their silly questions, and checked out a lot of the baits. We will be telling all of our friends and family that this is the place to go!
Jessica L
Awesome selection, good auctions.
Clint P