Wisconsin’s 2020 black bear season is now right around the corner and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get down to business. Mating season is winding down making it the perfect time to get some bear scent lures blowing in the wind and bear bait in the ground letting the bears know you got the goods!

Scent lures, like our Bacon SmearBear Scent Sprays, and Bear Scent Concentrates are your key to drawing bears in, period. If you aren’t using scent, your bait site will not be used to its full potential and may just land you with a tag sandwich.

Rumor has it that bears can smell food 18+ miles away, how true is this who knows, but imagine if you could tell all bears within an 18 mile radius that you have the goods, it seems like a no brainer. Also, NEVER STOP putting scent lures out! We see it every year, customers come in and buy one bottle of scent, they place the scent out, have bears come in and then stop putting scent out. A couple weeks later the bears stop coming in, the customer then calls us asking what to do, our first question is “do you have scent out?” Scent not only lets the local bears know it’s “dinner time” but it will continually bring in new bears that are traveling through the area, which may just end up being that booner on opening day.

Besides just placing scent in the big woods, you also need bear bait. How would you feel if you got to the end of the rainbow and there was no pot of gold waiting for you? While choosing bear bait can be the fun part of baiting, it can also be the trickiest. Our Wisconsin big woods bears are no dumpster divers and believe they deserve the finest of meals and with as many bait sites as they can hit up in a single day they can afford to be a bit picky. Over the last couple years you have seen Bob’s Bear Bait evolve to provide not only totes and barrels of dry bait but also oversized baggies of dry bait. These were designed to offer our customers a wide variety of bear bait in a smaller volume giving them a quick and easy way to change up the bait flavor so the bears stay interested and keep on coming back for more. Another great way to easily change up the flavor is by adding some or our sweet toppings. The stickier and stinkier the better. The stickiness helps track the scent through the forest naturally bringing in more bears to your site and the stinkiest acts as another great scent lure.

For more great tips stop in this season and chat with us, we have multiple staff on hand with over 20+ years of combined experience bear hunting and 12 years in the bear bait business! We have the largest variety of bear bait for sale in Wisconsin, with multiple locations in Wisconsin and Michigan and pride ourselves in being your one stop shop for all your baiting needs including scents, bulk bait, fruit toppings, dry bait, the list goes on. However, once the season hits bait sells out fast! To stay up to date with our latest news and sales follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

If you don’t see a product listed, feel free to call as we always have more products in our shops than what is listed on our site. As always happy baiting and good luck to all the hunters!