Shipping Information

Bob’s Bear Bait, LLC ships products all over the United States.

For the majority of Wisconsin, shipping is approximately $75 / pallet if delivered to a business. Residential delivery is a bit higher.

Bob’s Bear Bait works with many other trucking companies to ship bait to other areas of the United States.
We offer both LTL (less than truckload) and full loads.

No shipping of Dry Bait or Sweet Toppings unless the total weight is at least 1,500 pounds.

If you are interested in having bait shipped, please include:

address with the Zip code

– it is always more economical to ship to a business then a residential home.

Will there be forklift or skid steer on site to remove the product from the truck, or will a Liftgate truck be required?

– The requirement of a liftgate will raise the shipping price.

Shipment is based on weight and size of the bait products you choose , so have a detailed list of what you’re looking for to better calculate the shipping price and [contact us] at (920) 419-1238 for a quote.

Please be ready to tell us the bait you need, your zip code and whether you want the bait shipped to a business or residence.

Free Shipping For Online Purchases! (Min. $40 order)

Sprays and smears may be ordered online and picked up at our shop or shipped. Minimum order for online ordering is $40.

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