Our Current Appleton Bear Bait Price List
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Anise Concentrated Scent Solution$18.88
Anise Scent$14.88
Apple cobbler pouches$13.88
Bacon Smear$14.88 $8.00
Bear Mix Bags$20.00
Blueberry Concentrated Scent Solution$18.88
Blueberry Glaze$17.88
Blueberry Puree$19.88
Blueberry Scent$14.88
Butter Cream Frosting 2-Gallon$4.88
Butter Cream Frosting 5-Gallon$12.88
Buttercream Frosting$2.88
Cake Sprinkles$6.88
Caramel Concentrated Scent Solution$18.88
Caramel Corn Bag$16.00
Caramel Pail$20.00
Caramel Sauce Boxes$60.88
Caramel Sauce Pouches$6.88
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Scent$14.88
Chocolate Chip Cookies Concentrated Scent Solution$18.88
Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn$16.88
Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn$59.00
Chocolate Free Bear Mix$85.88
Chocolate Free Cereal$16.00
Cinnamon Scent$14.88
Cookie Crumbs$12.00
Donut icing$14.88
Dry Bear Mix$77.88
Flavored Popcorn$16.00
Gummy candies$9.88
Honey 4 gallon pail$24.88
Honey 55 gallon drum$150.88
Liquid Smoke Scent$14.88
Liquid smoke, 1 gallon$20.88
Liquid smoke, 1/2 gallon$10.88
Many Bear Baits$0.15
Maple Sugar Concentrated Scent Solution$18.88
Maple Syrup Scent$14.88
Peanut Butter 35-pound Pail$15.88
Peanut butter jars$1.88
Raspberry Glaze$17.88
Smoke Smear$3.88
Soy Butter$18.88 $10.00
T-Shirt Bear$14.88
T-Shirt Sweetest$14.88$16.88
Tank Top Black$15.88
Tank Top Grey$15.88
Vanilla Concentrated Scent Solution$18.88
Vanilla Scent$14.88
White Icing$6.88

Prices Subject to Change.

Availability of Bear Bait is subject to change on a daily basis.

Please call ahead before stopping by our shop.

Barrel deposit required, see store policies for details